Jun, 2016

Sajjangarh – The Wonder Castle

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The castle at Sajjangarh was built by Maharana Sajjan Singh to keep a watch over the monsoon clouds approaching Udaipur. It is a very beautiful location in itself, illuminated at nights against a scenic backdrop of mountains.
The castle is at the top of Bansdara Mountain, at 2,468 feet, it offers a marvelous view of the lakes, palaces, and the Udaipur city . It was also used as a hunting area for the royal family.
Watching the sunset at Sajjangarh will make you yearn for new beginnings. Yet, you wish to freeze the time , as you breathe in the majestic beauty of India’s oldest mountain range, the Aravallis.
It is so amazing to witness the Aravali mountains stretching out from the Sajjangarh fort . Aravalli in summer may prove to be an enlightening lesson to those hailing from the greener regions: that nature doesn’t always have to be green and irrigated to be appreciated.


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